epic Pool for Epic Cash. Beta Version.

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Do you want be a miner ? It is very easy. Download windows software. You can use our miners without your supervision on many computers at the same time in the office and at home because our miner does not store Fast Epic Pool passwords.

- unzip - run fastepicpool.exe - choose pool - type your email/miner1 - press Start mining - check on this page how your miner works
If any problems with start app - please install Visual C++ Redistribute Package and .NET from Microsoft
Withdraw for miners after 1440 blocks will make by fastepic.eu payment system.

We are working. Thank you miners.

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To connect with a standard miner to Fast Epic Pool you must have an email ( we prefer protonmail.com because they use good encryption for stored emails ).

Lines to toml file:

stratum_server_addr = "fastepic.eu:3300"
stratum_server_login = "yourmail@protonmail.com/worker1"
stratum_server_password = "x"

Password is not important for our pool. Use "x" or what you want. You can have as many workers as you like. Please use unique name for workers and don't use name 'noname'.

Created by Fast Epic Team.
Need help ? Telegram Group cash@fastepic.eu