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If you think you can help in any way in the fight against COVID-19 or help, please contact us by sending an email to fast.epic.999@protonmail.com and enter the country where you are. We will never ask you for money or a direct grant for fastepic.eu!
If you are infected with the COVID-19 virus (official confirmation) or a family member of such a person and you need special help (but not medical or available thanks to your country) send an email to fast.epic.999@protonmail.com with the description of the problem, the name of the country in which you are and the word HELP in the subject of the message. We read all messages. We do not send money!
"To be, or not to be" - Prince Hamlet
Wash your hands. Don't touch the face. Avoid contact with people. Touch items if you have to. Wear a mask, sealed glasses and gloves. Disinfect them after use. If you have symptoms like dry cough, high temperature quickly to the hospital. Withdraw money from the bank. Buy gold or cryptocurrency. Take a vacation break. Get out of town.

Course 1: Emerging respiratory viruses, including 2019-nCoV: methods for detection, prevention, response and control

Course 2: WHO Critical Care Severe Acute Respiratory Infection course

Course 3: ePROTECT respiratory occupational health and safety
Wuhan resident: ‘We’d rather die at home..." (BBC News) China announces drop in new cases for third straight day (BBC News)
Condolences to the families of the victims of the epidemic and wishes for recovery for all ill patients.

How Does The Virus Kill

Deaths / (Deaths plus Recovered) x 100 %.
If this curve is horizontal we will know the virus mortality rate before the end of the epidemic.

Delta Deaths

Increase in the number of dead compared to the previous day.
If the points forming the local minima of this graph begin to form a parabola then the death curve graph will be exponential and the number of deaths will quickly reach 1 billion.

Delta Recovered

Increase in the number of recoveries compared to the previous day.

Delta In Hospitals

Increase in the number of infected patients in hospitals compared to the previous day.
This curve shows how quickly world hospitals need to provide isolated sites for infected people per day. If the curve is steep - hospitals will not be able to isolate and treat the infected and we will lose control over the rate of infection and increase in deaths.


Current number of serious cases in hospitals. Data only from China.

Event 201

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