&& There is no need to make any account or give any personal data during process. &&

To convert Epic-Cash Coin (EPIC) to Fast Epic Token (FEPIC):

Send EPIC from your wallet to address https://fastepic.eu with option -g "message", where message is your ETH wallet address.


epic-wallet send -d "https://fastepic.eu" -g "0xfa712a2778ef4c1c87fa5fcfef613db621473f62" 50

Yoy can use FastEpic GUI wallet with Send to CONVERT TO FEPIC link ...

Ratio between assets is 1:1, however fee's applies **

When transaction is completed FEPIC tokens are sent to ETH address provided in -g "message" option.

To convert Fast Epic Token (FEPIC) to Epic-Cash Coin (EPIC):

&& Keybase (https://keybase.io) account is needed to convert FEPIC -> EPIC &&

Using keybase app send message to user "grinfast": fepictoeth "ETH wallet address"


fepictoeth 0xfa712a2778ef4c1c87fa5fcfef613db621473f62

! IMPORTANT: This is first step and it's mandatory for secure and anonymous way to convert !

Using your ETH wallet address (must be the same as used in message!) send FEPIC tokens to Fastepic address: "0x147615aAA0232DbB02631A005De6AA1E8731bbA3"

Ratio between assets is 1:1, however fee's applies **

Conversion should take 15 minutes, but no longer than 6 hours.

When transaction is completed EPIC coins are sent to your Fastepic account created based on your keybase. To access your account go to https://fastepic.eu and login with your keybase nickname. Now you can manage your coins.

** Cost of each transfer EPIC -> FEPIC and FEPIC -> EPIC is 1% Fastepic fee + blockchain fee, final conversion rate is: 1 FEPIC = (1 - 1% - transaction fee) EPIC